User manual now available

Sep 08, 2020

The User Manual for MEFISTO V1 is now available. This contains a full introduction and the entire code, which may be copied and pasted into a Matlab script. Get in Contact if you have questions!

Output visualization with MEFISTO

Aug 16, 2020

Output of MEFISTO can be saved in stored frames using the frame_int variable. This records conditions on the subduction interface every <frame_int> steps (“int” meaning “interval”). So use a smaller number for a higher frame rate. You can then make animations by contouring the “frame” variables (loc_frame for cell location, fluid_pressure_frame, etc.). Below are two […]

We’re live!

Aug 08, 2020

Welcome to MEFISTO! Have a look around, get cracking on some subduction zone models, and get in touch!