John N. Hooker

Penn State Geosciences: jzh497 [at]


John is an interdisciplinary geologist whose main interest is the physical effects of chemical reactions in Earth’s crust. He teaches a variety of Earth-science courses at Penn State University.

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Selected publications

  • Abu-Mahfouz, I.S., et al., 2020. Silica diagenesis promotes early hydrocarbon migration. Geology 48, 483–487.
  • Hooker, J.N., et al., 2020. Shale anisotropy and natural hydraulic fracture propagation: An example from the Jurassic (Toarcian) Posidonienschiefer, Germany. JGR—Solid Earth, doi: 10.1029/2019JB018442
  • Fisher, D.M., Hooker, J.N., and Oakley, D.O.S., 2019. Numerical models for slip on the subduction interface motivated by field observations. Lithosphere, doi:10.1130/L1008.1
  • Laubach, S.E., et al., 2019. The role of chemistry in fracture pattern development and opportunities to advance interpretations of geological materials. Rev Geophys 57, 1065-1111.
  • Hooker, J.N., et al., 2018. Fractures in mudrocks: advances in constraining timing and understanding mechanisms. J Struct Geo 125, 166-173. 
  • Hooker, J.N. and Cartwright, J., 2018. Dolomite overgrowths suggest a primary origin of cone-in-cone. Geol Mag 155, 568-585. 
  • Hooker, J.N., et al., 2018. Microfracture spacing distributions and the evolution of fracture patterns in sandstones. J Struct Geo 108, 66-79. 
  • Meng, Q., et al., 2017. Early overpressuring in organic-rich shales during burial: evidence from fibrous calcite veins in the Lower Jurassic Shales-with-Beef member in the Wessex Basin, UK. J Geol Soc, doi:10.1144/jgs2016-145
  • Hooker, J.N. and Katz, R.F., 2015. Vein spacing in extending, layered rock: the effect of synkinematic cementation. Am J Sci 315, 557-588. 
  • Hooker, J.N., et al., 2014. A universal power-law scaling exponent for fracture apertures in sandstones. GSA Bull 126, 1340-1362. 
  • Hooker, J.N., et al., 2012. Effects of diagenesis (cement precipitation) during fracture opening on fracture aperture-size scaling in carbonate rocks. Geol Soc London Spec Pub 370, 187-206.
  • Eichhubl, P., et al., 2010. Pure and shear-enhanced compaction bands in Aztec Sandstone. J Struct Geo 32, 1873-1886.

Courses taught

Earth 100 Environment Earth

Earth 103 Earth in the Future

Geosc 202 Environmental Geochemistry

Geosc 452 Hydrogeology

Geosc 454 Geology of Oil and Gas